We are delighted to welcome anyone wishing to arrange a baptism in Brewood or Bishops Wood, whether wanting to arrange a baptism or christening for your baby or for yourself these are some guidelines to help you.

A Baptism can also be known as a Christening and can be arranged:

  • At 12noon on 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month at the church of St. Mary & St. Chad Brewood.  This will be a 30 minute service.
  •  At 12noon on 2nd Sunday of the month at the church of St. John the Evangelist, Bishops Wood.  This will be a 30 minute service.
  • At 10am on the above Sundays during the service is also a possibility.

We would not normally have more than two baptisms taking place at the same time.

You will qualify for a baptism in either church if one of the following applies:

  •  You live in one of the parishes.
  • You were married in one of the churches.
  • There is a current family connection in the parish eg. Grandparents still living in the parish or are members of the church.
  • There has been a previous baptism of a sibling.
  • The family, though living outside of the parish, attends one of the churches.

If someone comes for baptism from another parish they must obtain the written permission of their local clergyperson

To arrange a baptism please contact Joyce Bradley: 01902 850136 or  She will arrange to meet with you to take the details and then the minister conducting the service will visit you in order to discuss the meaning of baptism with you.

Frequently asked Questions 

How much does it cost for a baptism

There is no fee for a baptism service but a donation of £30 towards the work of the continuing ministry of the church is appreciated and though there will not be a collection a plate will be out at the back of church to receive any contribution you or your guests wish to make.

Can I have my child baptised in Brewood or Bishops Wood even if I do not live there?

If you don’t live in the parishes but have good reason for choosing Brewood or Bishops Wood Parish church eg. you have a family link there, then yes you can.  We ask you to visit your local ParishChurch to let them know of your decision to come to us and obtain written permission from the local clergy person.

Do Parents and Godparents need to be already baptised or confirmed?

The promises that will be made at the baptism service will be for yourselves as Parents or Godparents as well as for the child therefore it is important that you think carefully about this.

Godparents need to be baptised and at least one of the Parents also need to be baptised.

I’m not baptised but I want my child baptised is this a problem?

No this is not a problem.  Only one of the Parents need to be baptised.  If a Parent or Godparent wishes to be baptised then this can be arranged prior to the service.


At an infant baptism service the child will have Godparents. These are special adults chosen by the parents of the child. Godparents promise to take a special interest in the child as he or she grows up, and encourage them in their Christian faith. They are also asked to pray for the child. So being a Godparent is a very important job. There are usually two male and one female Godparent for a boy, and two female and one male for a girl. If the parents wish, there can be more than three.  Godparents need to be baptised.

Adult Baptism

Adults can be baptised if they were not baptised as a child. It is a way for them to express their faith in Christ.  There is no age requirement on baptism, it is available to all people, regardless of their age, so long as they have not been baptised previously.